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Corporate Responsibility

Composite Solutions believes that we as a company and our employees as individuals have the ability and responsibility to bring positive change to the communities in which we live and work. Being successful in the marketplace affords us an opportunity to do good for our community.

Our employees – our greatest resource – serve as ambassadors for the Composite Solutions’ value of generosity of spirit, as they commit skills, passion and time as active and engaged employees and citizens. To support and encourage their commitment, Composite Solutions provides paid time for all employees to volunteer for their favorite community services.

Community Outreach

To facilitate our employees’ service to the community, Composite Solutions organizes ongoing opportunities for employees to serve. We have partnered with Liberty Road Foundation, a non-profit organization that connects businesses with local non-profit organizations such as Olive Crest, Jubilee Reach and Matt Talbot Center. Our employees have the opportunity to serve these organizations each month through our volunteer program.

Composite Solutions volunteers time, money and resources to three specific charities. Employees donate food, money and prepare meals for all of the organizations on a monthly basis as well as provide work on special projects such as gathering and stuffing back packs and providing Christmas presents each year.


Organizations we support through the Liberty Road Foundation


Liberty Road Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health, happiness, personal recovery, spiritual growth, and overall well-being of men, women, children and families everywhere.

Matt Talbot Center is a place of healing, hope and restoration. Established in 1985, Matt Talbot Center has a recovery program and treatment center for the addicted, the homeless, and the mentally ill. Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, the Center’s fundamental purpose is to provide individuals and families with the opportunities to overcome obstacles and disabilities hindering self-sufficiency through an intense clinical outpatient treatment program. The Center exists to meet the essential needs in spirit, mind and body of those that come seeking assistance.

Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating and educating at-risk children and to preserving the family, ”One Life at a Time.” Since 1973, Olive Crest has transformed the lives of over 50,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families by providing safe homes, counseling and education for both youth and parents.

Jubilee REACH connects Bellevue’s most vulnerable with 36 community wrap-around services including mobile medical and dental clinics, rent and utility assistance and ESL classes. Club Jubilee after school programs give students in Bellevue middle schools positive mentors while providing soccer, flag football, golf, cross country and basketball along with access to STEM-based learning and other technology.

The mission is to step in the gap for families and those in need throughout Bellevue by providing a host of free services that directly meet their needs. Thousands of annual volunteer hours, generous and unwavering donors, and a tirelessly dedicated staff make it all possible, all in the interest of building a better Bellevue through His love.

Site Coaches act as the Shepherds and work directly in classrooms in each Bellevue middle school and a growing list of elementary schools, giving students a unique resource for their social and emotional needs. Club Jubilee sports are the heart of the program, and create an atmosphere of acceptance and sportsmanship, welcoming students regardless of skill level and giving a platform for encouragement and teamwork.

The foundation of everything Jubilee REACH does is His compassion and love, as volunteers and staff live out His word each day in schools and the community. By loving kids, supporting families and working to support those in need, Jubilee builds community and impacts lives.