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Key Customer Programs

Bell Helicopter Outboard Nacelles/Augusta Westland
Composite Solutions designed all support tooling and fabricated the outboard nacelles, secondary fairings and operating access doors for the Bell BA 609/AW 609. Fabrication utilizes graphite/bismaleimide (BMI) and graphite/epoxy materials.


Bell Helicopter Cowling Components
Upper cowling components for the Bell UH-1Y/AH-1Z were fabricated by Composite Solutions, utilizing graphite/bismaleimide (BMI) and graphite/epoxy materials. Components incorporate a complex curvature and are honeycomb stiffened.

Boeing Lavatory Modules
Composite Solutions redesigned, tested, fabricated and assembled the Boeing C-17 Globemaster lavatory module. Our engineers designed and tested for design loads, shock and vibration, environmental criteria and flammability. The fully integrated assembly is fully bonded; integrates electrical, thermoplastic, metallic and composite components; and includes mortise and tenon joints. The new design resulted in a 25% weight reduction by replacing fiberglass/phenolic/nomex panels with graphite/phenolic/nomex panels.


MD Helicopter Primary Structures
Graphite/epoxy honeycomb primary structures for the MD900, MD 600N and MD620N were fabricated by Composite Solutions. Complete shipsets include tail boom assemblies, horizontal stabilizer assemblies, thrust/rotating cone assemblies and vertical stabilizers, and are delivered ready for installation.


Raisbeck Engineering Crown Nacelle Wing Lockers
Raisbeck’s crown nacelle wing lockers, fabricated by Composite Solutions, are used on
Beechcraft King Airs. The lockers are constructed of lightweight, infinite-life composites.


Additional Programs/Capabilities


Airbus A320 Cabin Bin Door

Bell 407 Landing Light Cover

Raisbeck Engineering Wing Locker

Sikorsky Black Hawk Intermediate Gearbox Fairings

BLR Beechcraft Winglets

Boeing 757 Pack Boards

MD-11 Environmental Control System (ECS) Ducting